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Ananke in Greek mythology was the personification of the ineluctable destiny, of the unalterable necessity, of the fate... Ananke is also the name chosen by the Italian combo to give life to a project, or better, a lifestyle that could mix what was expressed by the melodic metal in theese years without upset the foundations too. The result is a bright and curios metal, sometimes aggressive and sometimes theatrical that is played on introspective lyrics that burrow into human soul and its points of question, where technique is well mixed with the desire to create songs and not only to create compositions, cause Ananke really want to convey something to feel and not only something to listen. Ananke, necessity, ineluctable destiny, "what must happen, must happen..."

Ananke project borns in the end of 2002, the original intention was just making music just for fun.

Always for fun in the middle of 2006 was published an autoproduct "demo", "Trick Of The Eye" that comes unexpectedly well reviewed by specialized sites.


2008, the year of the decision to try something more publishing the first EP: "PROMO 2008".


"PROMO 2008" obtains great reviews and as result, ANANKE band signs a record deal with the historic Italian label "Underground Symphony" which, in 2009, released their first album, "Diary Of An Illusion", the first album of an announced trilogy.


During the the band has to replace some musicians (only for personal problem) that have greatly reduced the original lineup and considerably  slowed down the project.


Actually Ananke new stuff are working hard for the second album that will probably released in the 2015.

Riccardo Minicucci:                            

Daniele Tornaghi:

Alex Stucchi:

Alessandro Minicucci:

Stefano Testa:

lead & backing vocals



keyboards & programming

drum & percussions

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